Our People

Meet our CEO, Ralph Tucker

Ralph has over 20 years in digital retail covering home, fashion and food, and has primarily lead teams in product, digital marketing, ecommerce and supply chain.

Most recently he has been the Chief Product and Trading Officer at NBrown plc, a multi-brand online specialist in fashion and home. Before this he has worked for Marks & Spencer, Fanatics International, Sainsburys and The Very Group.

Ralph is dedicated to developing and empowering his new team to ensure The Cotswold Company is loved by its customers for helping them to make their homes timelessly beautiful.

Kevin Johnson

Founder of Cotswold Co

Following on from studying Industrial Design and Technology at Loughborough University, Kevin started researching the idea of pine furniture in January 2003, inspired by his friends at Flooring Supplies.

Kevin became the founder of PineSolutions.co.uk in May 2003 before the company later bought and changed the name to The Cotswold Company Ltd.

Interviews with our staff

Jane Bradbourne

Harrogate Store Manager

“Every person in upper management has been friendly and approachable and I have been made to feel like a valued member of the Cotswold Co team from the beginning… I have had unbelievable support and the investment in myself and my training is something I am not used to.”
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Tom Evans

Head of CX & CST

“I think it’s a really exciting time for us, and we’re looking to work on the culture to ensure the Cotswold Company is a great place to work… Personally, I’m very passionate about making us an employer of choice within the local area and industry-leading within the furniture sector.”
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Danielle Parkes

Health & Safety Officer

“I have full health and safety responsibility for all sites across the company, so I get to travel across the country to see and/or speak to many of the employees who work for The Cotswold Company.”
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Wlad Pieta

Warehouse Supervisor

“From my experience working for other companies, I would say Cotswold Co is a very friendly company and cares for the welfare of its employees”
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