An interview with Warehouse Team Leader / IT Support Analyst Harpreet Singh

Mar 30, 2022 | Interviews

Name: Harpreet Singh
Job title: Warehouse Team Leader / IT Support Analyst
Length of Service:ย 1 Year

Tell us a little about your background – what did you do before joining The Cotswold Company?

I worked for JCB as a Quality Checker. When the company moved to Stoke on Trent, it became a 2-hour commute, so I decided to leave. I joined the Cotswold Company as a Reach Truck Driver on an agency contract and was then taken on a permanent basis. I have carried out three different roles since being in the company.

Why did you choose The Cotswold Company as an employer?

I found the opportunity I was looking for in a driving job and the hours of work fitted with my home life.

What does a typical working day for you involve? What do you enjoy most about your job?

I am currently in a trial role of IT Support Analyst. With this role I carry out staff training on picking and packing and I train the R/T drivers how to pick orders from location to location. I deal with issues within the warehouse, including printer and other systems, along with trying to fix other problems. I get involved in inbound and outbound stock orders on the system. Daily, I am involved in trouble shooting which I enjoy the most as itโ€™s a challenge.
I enjoy everything about my role. I enjoy giving training to people so that they can do their job properly. I have an OCD personality, so I like things done properly. Along with helping others on the floor. I also enjoy investigating orders and like to take on these challenges daily.

What has been your proudest moment working for the Cotswold Company to date?

Training the team and seeing them do a good job gives me satisfaction. I also feel proud that my work within the company has been recognised. Starting as a Reach Truck Driver, then Team Leader and now being involved in IT Support.

What is your favourite furniture item, range, or home accessory, and why?

I like most products that we sell. I love the solid furniture and the variety of options and colours we offer.

Please tell us something personal that you donโ€™t mind us sharing, e.g., family, animals, hobbies etc., that helps to introduce you!

I have two dogs in India. One is a German Shepard female called Pohlu and one male dalmatian named Dabbu. I have a lot of love for animals. In my spare time I enjoy travelling to different cities and I have a lot of interest in Zoology. I also enjoy reading literature on world history and documentaries. Also, I enjoy working out in the gym.

Harpreet Singhย โ€“ Warehouse Team Leader / IT Support Analyst