An interview with Senior Sales Advisor Osvaldas Salickas

Jan 29, 2020 | Interviews

Name: Osvaldas Salickas
Job title: Senior Sales Advisor
Length of Service: 16 months


Tell us a little about your background – what did you do before joining The Cotswold Company?

Back in 2012 I finished school and moved to England and have worked in various companies. I met my fiancé in Norwich when I was visiting my friend and since then I have decided to move to this fine city. I soon joined The Cotswold Company which was the perfect opportunity to further my career development.


Why did you choose The Cotswold Company as an employer?

I found it very hard to find a job in Norwich. I was looking for months because so many times I have applied for various jobs locally but no one believed in me until I had an interview with The Cotswold Company. To be honest when I finished my interview I didn’t think The Cotswold Company would ring me back, but I was wrong, they called me a couple of hours later and asked if I could start the week after! I’m not going to lie, it was the best day ever for me! So this is the reason I’m now working for The Cotswold Company.


How has your role progressed since joining The Cotswold Company? What have been the opportunities for progression?

I started as a Customer Service Advisor and within 9 months of working for the company I have been promoted to a Senior Sales Advisor role, and I can say that this is not the end! The company is growing so fast and opportunities are endless!


What sets The Cotswold Company apart as a place to work? What does a typical day look like for you?

A day at The Cotswold Company is always interesting! When you are dealing with customers, it’s never the same! You learn something new every day. There are difficult moments as well but these are the moments that are the most exciting and every call I take I try my best to make our customers happy.


What’s your favourite thing about working for The Cotswold Company?

A couple of my favourite things about the company are pastry Tuesdays – where we get fresh local pastries delivered to Head Office – and finishing half an hour earlier on Fridays!


Congratulations on your recent staff award for First Class Service! How did you feel when you won?

To be honest, when I attended The Cotswold Company Award Ceremony I didn’t even think that I would win anything and then they announced the first award, and then a second award!

Osvaldas Salickas – Senior Sales Advisor